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Disc Manufacturing

DVD and CD Replication for All Industries

Digital Works is the go to source for disc duplication and disc replication services for the software, music, mainstream film, healthcare, and advertising industries. We also help mid-size and large corporations create discs to replace bulky and costly paper information and marketing materials with easier to use and more cost effective CDs and DVDs. Many businesses in a large variety of industries use Digital Works' disc duplication services to provide employee handbooks, training materials for sales teams, and all sorts of other easy to access information to their employees and partners.

DVD and CD Replication – Low Cost and High Quality

The Digital Works production facility is a state of the art operation that allows us to provide a full range of services at an exceptional level of quality while keeping costs low for our clients. We produce discs that are at the same quality level as Fortune 500 corporations and top record producers, but all at a much lower cost.

The materials we use at Digital Works helps us to create CDs and DVDs that look great and are reliable. We use premium materials and superior machinery in the disc manufacturing process that are overseen by some of the industry's most skilled and experienced technicians.

If you have questions about our disc replicating services or you need a quote, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.